Tuesday, December 31, 2013

California Vacation

We had a chance to visit Legoland in Carlsbad, CA this Christmas Break. I will say this, Jack LOVED it . . . We made the mistake of putting Lily on a roller coaster first thing when we got to the park. We didn't really think twice about it as we got in line, I mean, she's our crazy-daring kid so it just seemed like the right thing to do.  Needless to say, it took some convincing to Miss Lily on each ride for the rest of the day. Poor kid. She was a great sport though :) 

Here are some pics from our trip !

The Pit Stop 
A popular restaurant in Carlsbad that did not disappoint!

A very nice lady took this lil beaut for us . . .

Volvo XC90 made completely out of Legos (minus the wheels of course)

Jack and Lily on a train ride together . 

Jack at "Driving School"
This is impressive . . . 
This is Luke Skywalkers X-Wing made completely out of legos. Made from 5.3 million legos and it took a team of about 23 men three months to build !

Posing with Mr. Lego Skywalker himself. 

Out to lunch with Uncle Kyler and Aunt Whit-wee !

Our New Year's Celebration!

Jack and Jax (Whitney's sister's lil guy) painting and eating pizza !

During our New Year party, Lily climbed up onto Uncle Kyler to get all snuggly. Lily didn't end up making it until midnight, she fell asleep right there on Kyler. I think they both enjoyed that moment very much.   :)

It was about 70 degrees outside so we got to enjoy a nice evening at the beach. The boys played baseball in the sand and Lily just loved digging in the sand and splashing in the water. It was all fun and games until the sun went down and everyone was soaking wet !

 We love you all and wish you the best in the New Year! 

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Christmas 2013

Christmas adventures in 2013!

Jack and Lily in front of the nations largest christmas tree. 

Christmas Party with friends !

We had a delicious Christmas feast feast with our AZ cousins !

{Christmas morning}

Jack ran into our room at 7:45 in the morning and yelled, "Santa was here! He's gone now! He ate the cookies and he left a letter"! It was a letter saying that Santa had delivered a trampoline to our backyard since Jack and Lily were extra good this year.

Cold hard evidence .

Santa must have thought these three kids were EXTRA good this year,
cause he got them a trampoline !

By midday, Lily was pretty comfortable on the trampoline !

New dress up clothes . . . 

 Lily strutting her new stuff . . . walking in heels with her bum sticking out, I just love it. 

Lots of fun new things ! Thank you family for your generous gifts !

I hope you all had a great Christmas! 

Friday, December 20, 2013

The Day Lily Taught Herself to Ride a Bike

{With training wheels of course}.

 I tried about a week ago  to teach Lily how to ride a bike, but she was distracted by anything and everything . . . christmas decorations, birds, bugs. Typical Lily.

She is just the most random kid, in everything that she says AND does.  Well, earlier this week, Jack and I were busy making neighbor treats in the kitchen. All of the sudden Little Miss Lily comes poking along through the kitchen riding Jack's little red bike! Jack and I were both freaking out at how awesome it was . . .  And of course, I frantically scrambled for my phone to get a video of her!

She still gets too distracted to ride it outside, haha, so it's a good thing we have all of this tile for her to get some practice !

Saturday, November 30, 2013

TuRkEy DaY!!

Turkey Day this year was a momentous occasion! It was our first year hosting Thanksgiving dinner. I've always helped cook the holiday meal, but this time it was at our house. We decided to cook a Paleo Thanksgiving Dinner and I think it went well! The big hits were the paleo stuffing and pumpkin pie! We all agreed that even though we filled ourselves full of delicious food, we didn't get that sick feeling that zaps your energy and makes you wanna take a big fat nap to sleep it off. John even said, and I quote, "we should do a paleo meal every year for Thanksgiving." So let it be written, so let it be done!

We all stayed up late playing games, but this little one decided to turn in early. :)

We're BIG fans of the holidays around here. It's just fun to have a reason to celebrate !

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Goodnight World!

We've been letting Lily take a "day off" from napping here and there. Today was one of those days. But apparently she wasn't as excited about it as she usually is...  It got really quiet in the house and I knew she went up to her room to play. When I called her name to make sure she was ok and didn't get an answer, I got nervous. (Cause ya know, she could have fallen into the toilet or something because those are the irrational thoughts that run through your crazy head as parent)!

This was the scene that we found....(bum blanket added ). It was nap time so NATURALLY she used the bathroom, neglected to put her pants back on, pushed her table up to her bed, climbed in, then put herself to sleep. Of course.
What else would I have found when I went up there?

Sunday, November 3, 2013

A Very Harry Sperry Halloween (and Other Oct. News)

Since I got a little behind on my blogging, this will be a mega-post with lots of random pics!


        Just just finished soccer last week. We were so proud of this guy -- he scored six goals in eight total games. What a rockstar! Jack is starting up fall tee ball now. 


Jack decided that he wanted a pet fish. So we had him do additional chores to earn some money and he bought a betta! I read him a list online of some fun fish names, and he chose Puddles! Jack and Puddles are buddies...Jack talks to him, shows him pictures he draws, and keeps his little belly full!


      We're (I'm) sad to say goodbye to Halloween for another year, but excited for the upcoming holidays! We had a blast doing a Harry Potter family theme for costumes. Jack went as Harry Potter, and Lily was his owl, Hedwig. I was Bellatrix, the evil witch alongside the Dark Lord in Professor Quirrell form!

( I died my hair after our Trunk- or- Treat. I just didn't feel right saying I was Bellatrix with red hair).

 I won an award at our Trunk or Treat for my chili. This apron and a gift card !


       Just yesterday we ran the ROC race with Russ and Vanessa. It was a 5k with a bunch of crazy obstacles. It was a blast !  Here is a video of one of the obstacles...it's two large red balls swinging in a circle, and you have to run across a pool on a narrow landing. John and I got lucky and made it across safely without getting knocked into the freezing water !

Our homemade shirts!

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Oh How We LOVE Autumn

           Let me just start off by saying, it's nice that it has cooled off around here enough to enjoy the outdoors a bit. Cause when you get cooped up inside for too long, you start doing crazy things, like drinking parm on the pot !

 So YES! We love Autumn!....Even though we still have to remind ourselves that the calendar says it's fall, cause around here, you wouldn't ever guess it! That's alright though, because we've been filling our days with activities to make it feel like autumn even though we don't get the colorful array of falling leaves like most of you!

Haunted Candy Houses!

Rice Crispy Pumpkins !

Pumpkin Craft Night !

Jack playing conference Bingo . . . and not wanting to leave 
his card to poo for fear he might miss a word ! But don't worry, 
he got his Bingo and still made it to the bathroom ! 

Feeding the ducks !

 Carmel Apple and Harry Potter night. 

My little helper ! He loved building this console table with me to put in the entry way.

PS-- Did you like how Jack was wearing the same shirt in almost every single picture? This little guy just loves it . . . Couldn't have anything to do with the fact that it's got a "Jack" o lantern on the front !