Tuesday, June 23, 2015

The Historic Triangle

Over the course of last weekend and the weekend before, we had fun exploring Yorktown, Williamsburg, and Jamestown. It's been amazing to have the opportunity to walk the grounds of these places with so much history. I overheard Jack and Lily playing a game the other day and Jack said, "I call team British!" So even the kids are soaking in some of the history! :)

And don't mind our lovely glistening appearances. We're still adjusting to the humidity. :)


The battlefield where the Siege of Yorktown occurred.


"Mommy, am I helping the indians?"
Love that girl.

Indian canoes.


The kids are having fun kickin it at Grandpa's house in between weekend excursions!

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Our {CrAzY} Roadtrip!

We decided to take advantage of John's ability to work from home and take off for the summer !
We drove from Arizona to Virginia in 5 days while still having some fun. Each state just seemed to get prettier and prettier...and more humid. :)

Our kids were such good sports the whole way, which was a huge blessing.

Lacy won the award for happiest traveler ! 

This Momma was just happy to get a chance to enjoy the scenery during a quiet moment!

Here are some of the places we saw and the the things we did along the way !

 We decided that one of things we definitely needed to do, was eat foods that each state 
is most famous for. So our first stop was Navajo tacos for dinner in New Mexico !  So good !
We made it to Albuquerque and spent our first night there.



Day 2 we made it to OKC. Oklahoma City is big on the Onion Burgers ! And we loved them!!

We made it to Kansas City exactly 48 hours from the time we left Arizona!
We met up with our friends, the Williams, at Great Wolf Lodge. We 
had a chance to play Friday and Saturday at the water park there which was a nice break!

Kansas City, Great Wolf Lodge

We got some of the BEST bbq we've ever had at a restaurant called Arthur Bryant's.

 We left Saturday night just to make a short drive to St. Louis where we stayed at
probably the nicest hotel of our trip, and it was a steal. (The bathroom was the coolest part).

We went to the St. Louis zoo....which was kind of miserable.
 It was the kid's first day in humidity, and they didn't love it. :)

But we chased the grumpiest away with some more bbq!
St. Louis ribs... mmm hmm.


We stayed in a wigwam in Cave City, and then visited the Mammoth Caves National Park the next day. LOVED IT! They are the worlds longest network of underground caves. It was so impressive.

We sucked it up and drove the rest of the way that day and made it to Grandpa's house! 
Shelly met Lacy for the very first time !