Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Lacy and Lily

        When Lacy was first born we were sure she looked just like her brother. 
But now that the newborn puffiness is gone, and after looking through pictures of Lily as a baby, we think she looks like her sister too!

This is Lacy...

And this would be her big sister Lily!

 And here is a picture of Jack...


Another picture of Lacy...


What do ya think??

One thing is for sure...
these two lucky gals have an awesome big brother who loves to take care of them!

Sunday, December 21, 2014


 We got to start off the month with a birthday party from uncle Ky.

It was so good to see Grandpa after almost a year and a half!

We've been enjoying some fun holiday activities!

...well, most of us. :)

Jack just finished up his baseball season, and we're on to basketball in January!

 We've been enjoying Lacy's little smiles. 
She's such a happy little gal.

Jack and Lily sure love taking care of her.

We even found Lacy a new sitter!

John ran his first half marathon! 
Jack and Lily were cute little cheerleaders!

Jack got to had daddy his medal as he came across the finish line!

 And since we have a new little addition to the family, we had to get some new family pics!

Life has been great. Jack and Lily can sure be little turds at times, but hey, they keep us entertained!

( I got out of the shower and could hear Lily yelling, "It's raining!" I went outside to find Jack spraying Lily with the hose. She loved it, despite it being a brisk 60 degrees outside).

We were just saying how Lily's hair has become so beautiful...
and then she decided to take a pair of scissors to it. 
It's not horrible. 
But I'll miss having it down like this for the next few months!