Monday, March 26, 2012

.Lily's First Birthday.

We had so much fun celebrating Lily's first birthday with her. In fact, I know we had more fun than her since she wasn't feeling well (she had an ear infection and ANOTHER UTI). Thank goodness we got to celebrate again a few days later at her party! She seemed to enjoy everything a little more.

On her actual birthday, John took the day off and here are a few of the thing we did:

Big Girl Breakfast (eggs, cheese, whole milk)--but she didn't have much of an appetite :(

Cake: We were hoping she was going to dig in but she didn't even want to touch it. SAD!


Big girl seat!

First Happy Meal!

Can you believe how small these fries are in the happy meal?!!! I mean it's certainly appropriate with childhood obesity and all, but it just shocked me. I swear they were bigger when I was a kid.


At first Lily was VERY dainty with her frosting...

But she definitely got the hang of it...

Thanks to everyone who came and supported Lily on her special day!

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Little Miss Quirky

I can't believe my baby girl is almost a toddler! I am feeling a little guilty, I don't think I have posted as much as I did with Jack in his first year. BUT! (haha)

This little girl keeps us smiling with her funny little personality :)

This is Lily's weird little crawl that she started doing about 6 weeks ago. Before that she was rolling around to get from place to place, now she relies on this "slither" as John and I refer to it.

Lily does this goofy little pose. And sometimes she'll even rub her hand up and down her chubby little thigh!

One of Lily's favorite things to do in the family room is to look out the window.

The mohawk that comes as a result of the pony tails that we now do her hair up in!

Nacho Sing Along

As you know, our little Jack is quite the little Nacho fan. Lately, he's been trying to quote the movie and sing a long with Nacho while he's watching. I made an attempt at getting Jack to sing while I recorded him but he gets a little distracted by the video camera. Here' s what I got:

( He sings the song twice in this video).