Thursday, January 22, 2015

Busy Bee Lily

Lily is just so much fun to watch. Just like her mama, she is always busy doing, playing, or working on something !  I love this girl, she makes life interesting. I found myself one day just taking pictures of all the random things she does, so I thought a blog post about it was definitely in order. Here is a typical day in the life of Miss Lily!

It sprinkled a little bit in the morning, and Lily LOVES the rain:

Riding her horse.

Riding Jack's skateboard. 

Giving Lacy a checkup.

As you can see, Lacy was thrilled. :)
(Sorry for the gut shot, Lacy).

Seeing if Lacy will fit in her doll stroller.
(It was getting her out that was the tricky part). 

Building a bus and then taking her big brother for a ride. 

And somewhere in there we have to squeeze in some time for a healthy snack.
Nothin like drinking a container of blueberries.

Sunday, January 4, 2015

Sperry Christmas Break!

We've had such a fun break from school and work, it will be hard going back tomorrow!
Here are some of the fun things we've done over the past two weeks!

John started off the break running his first half marathon!

Jack and Lily had a little Christmas celebration with their buddies Dax and Gwen. 
They made Root Beer Reindeer (or Diet Coke Reindeer, if you're my kids).

Sang kareoke Christmas songs. 

And made sugar cookies !

We had an awesome Christmas at home with these adorable kids.


And this cutie had her first christmas. My favorite gift this year!

And we went to see the nation's tallest Christmas tree in Anthem !

 And Lily got a new haircut...
For many reasons :)

We got to see our friends from UT who moved to Seattle. They came down here to visit their family so we all met up to see the Mesa Temple lights !

 Our friends Ashley and James are moving to Guatemala. 
But we had a chance to see them and go to their little boy's first birthday party. 
I made the cake and cupcakes for his Cat in the Hat themed party.

He destroyed that cake !!

During the break, our cute Lacy turned two months old!

We took a trip to Flagstaff and the Grand Canyon, 
and we learned that none of us have missed the snow. Not one bit. :)

          It was 27 degrees while we were at the Grand Canyon... So naturally, we had to sneak into the theatre to warm up and watch the film about the Grand Canyon.

Lacy was a good little trooper.

John and I had a date night, featuring Lacy, at the Fiesta Bowl!
SO proud of those Broncos! 

The Littlest Boise State fan!

And we took the kids to see the Coyotes play. Jack LOVED it. And both kids loved 
that they could howl when it was time to cheer! Fun times!

I hope everyone else enjoyed some good family time this holiday season!
I know we sure did!