Saturday, November 30, 2013

TuRkEy DaY!!

Turkey Day this year was a momentous occasion! It was our first year hosting Thanksgiving dinner. I've always helped cook the holiday meal, but this time it was at our house. We decided to cook a Paleo Thanksgiving Dinner and I think it went well! The big hits were the paleo stuffing and pumpkin pie! We all agreed that even though we filled ourselves full of delicious food, we didn't get that sick feeling that zaps your energy and makes you wanna take a big fat nap to sleep it off. John even said, and I quote, "we should do a paleo meal every year for Thanksgiving." So let it be written, so let it be done!

We all stayed up late playing games, but this little one decided to turn in early. :)

We're BIG fans of the holidays around here. It's just fun to have a reason to celebrate !

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Goodnight World!

We've been letting Lily take a "day off" from napping here and there. Today was one of those days. But apparently she wasn't as excited about it as she usually is...  It got really quiet in the house and I knew she went up to her room to play. When I called her name to make sure she was ok and didn't get an answer, I got nervous. (Cause ya know, she could have fallen into the toilet or something because those are the irrational thoughts that run through your crazy head as parent)!

This was the scene that we found....(bum blanket added ). It was nap time so NATURALLY she used the bathroom, neglected to put her pants back on, pushed her table up to her bed, climbed in, then put herself to sleep. Of course.
What else would I have found when I went up there?

Sunday, November 3, 2013

A Very Harry Sperry Halloween (and Other Oct. News)

Since I got a little behind on my blogging, this will be a mega-post with lots of random pics!


        Just just finished soccer last week. We were so proud of this guy -- he scored six goals in eight total games. What a rockstar! Jack is starting up fall tee ball now. 


Jack decided that he wanted a pet fish. So we had him do additional chores to earn some money and he bought a betta! I read him a list online of some fun fish names, and he chose Puddles! Jack and Puddles are buddies...Jack talks to him, shows him pictures he draws, and keeps his little belly full!


      We're (I'm) sad to say goodbye to Halloween for another year, but excited for the upcoming holidays! We had a blast doing a Harry Potter family theme for costumes. Jack went as Harry Potter, and Lily was his owl, Hedwig. I was Bellatrix, the evil witch alongside the Dark Lord in Professor Quirrell form!

( I died my hair after our Trunk- or- Treat. I just didn't feel right saying I was Bellatrix with red hair).

 I won an award at our Trunk or Treat for my chili. This apron and a gift card !


       Just yesterday we ran the ROC race with Russ and Vanessa. It was a 5k with a bunch of crazy obstacles. It was a blast !  Here is a video of one of the's two large red balls swinging in a circle, and you have to run across a pool on a narrow landing. John and I got lucky and made it across safely without getting knocked into the freezing water !

Our homemade shirts!