Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Mountain Biking at Snowbird

A nice butt shot.

John decending from the top. I think this mountain is called Hidden Peak.

The view was spectacular.
(Sorry for the obstruction :)

Friday, August 12, 2011

A Poo Poo Story

FYI: If you get offended easily by potty language, you prob shouldn't read this. (Actually, you probably shouldn't EVER read this blog :)

I started to potty train Jack at the beginning of July, but he was not liking sitting on the little potty with his bare bum. So I decided to wait a couple of months. Just yesterday, Jack all of the sudden started asking if he could go on the potty. I said SURE! Jack sat down and peed right then and there. WHOA! I was super excited so I put on his training pants and we began potty training officially. Jack peed in his potty the rest of that day (about 7 hours) and had to accidents...well, pee pee accidents....

Jack told me he had to poo poo so I sat him on the potty and he started pushing. I couldn't tell if he was faking or not. But I soon figured that out. All of the sudden he jumps up off the potty, takes off running and I see a poo makin' it's way out! What happens next? As soon as he hits the carpet that little (or big I should say), poo poo made it's way out and plopped right onto mommy's new carpet. Nice. Great timing Jack. Needless to say, Jack did the same thing today, so I think he's got weird issues with pooing on the potty. We'll get there.