Tuesday, June 7, 2016

It's Finally SUMMER!

We had some fun with the heat this weekend. The forecast predicted saturday to be 117-118 decrees. We were naturally super excited for such oppressive conditions, especially since we've never been here on such a day. We grabbed a frying pan and an egg. We made some cookie dough to bake in the car. We chopped up some crayons to melt into a cookie cutter to make a mega crayon... The crayons and cookies turned out just perfect, the egg was trickier (it didn't work).

The weather only ended up reaching a mere 115 degrees. Boo.
But it's ok, we still had fun with it.

Lily loved her new crayon star!

And the cookies were excellent, according to the kids!

Lily had a dance recital this week. She did so well.
 I love nothing more than watching this girl on stage. She's such a cute little dancer.

Preschool Graduation

Lily is going to miss her sweet teacher, Mrs. Black!

Jack finished off the school year with straight A's all four quarters. SO proud of this little stud.

Hassayampa River Preserve. 
We were loving the shade up there!