Thursday, May 23, 2013

Goodbyes STINK.

This past week we said goodbye to some very good friends of ours who headed off to Omaha for dental school. It's been a fun ride while it lasted, and I'm grateful we took advantage of the time we had to spend together. Jenny, Derek, Ashlyn and baby Brinley, you guys are great and we will miss you tons!

Lily & Ashlyn


Jack and Lily loved holding baby Brinley !

Saturday, May 18, 2013

John's Birthday

John took his birthday off and got to spend his day doing the things he loves...eating good food, golfing, and hanging out with his awesome family!!!

Jack made daddy a card for his birthday, and we made a movie of Lily singing as her present to daddy!
( And even better than that, during John's party she busted out a sweet little "Happy Day To You" solo in front of everyone. We thought she'd get embarrassed and quit, but she finished out the song)!

The bowling rockstar (in his adorable bowling shoes)!

The game that I finally caught up and tied Jack!
(He had bumpers, ok...)

Lily making friends with strangers, as usual...

The birthday man!

Benihanas, right before we stuffed our faces til we were sick!

Saturday evening we had a party for John. It was supposed to be a massive water fight party, but the sucky weather here in Utah sent us indoors! Maybe next year ;)

Monday, May 13, 2013

Spring Tee Ball!

It was a fun tee ball season. Cold...but still pretty fun at least on the days we weren't shivering under a blanket. Jack loves baseball and we love watching him play! Here are some pictures from this season.

(Jack looking right at the camera as he hits the ball).

 End of the game high fives.

Jack and Zander

Take a bow, you did awesome, Buddy!

Monday, May 6, 2013

The Only Ute Party We'll Ever Have

My brother, Kyler, just finished up at the U of U with a bachelors degree in Psychology. On May 4th we decided to throw a little shindig for him the next day and have a "Cinco De Mayo Mexican Mustache Graduation Party" (that way I didn't have to have a bunch of dirty "U" decor ;)  ). We had a nacho bar and enjoyed some mariachi music and mustache fun!

Ute cheerleader outfit from Grandma Sutton!

It took a looong time to grow this thing!!!

I dunno, I'm kinda thinking the handle bar mustache suits John. What do ya think?!