Friday, December 17, 2010

Exploring Christmas

Jack has been having a blast with all the Christmas activities that have been going on. Last year he was too young to really get to experience Christmas time. Here's what he's been enjoying about the holidays this year...

Christmas Lights!
He loved the lights at temple square and he still points at our Christmas tree in amazement whenever we turn the lights on.

Santa! ...not the reaction we were hoping for, but the one we expected I guess...

Santa was ok from a distance, but just about the scariest thing if he was touching him.

And since we felt like such terrible parents subjecting little Jack to such terror, we made it up to him...

Gift wrapping! With all the boxes that have been laying around the house from our holiday purchases, Jack has been loving his new play places. Especially the ones he doesn't really fit in...

Holiday treats! Jack made a gingerbread train with Grandma...his favorite part of course was tearing it apart and sucking off the frosting.

Snowmen so big they'll give a kid nightmares! I don't know if Jack was as impressed with this one as we were...but you have to admit, it's friggin awesome!

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Put a Cork In It

Jack has been practicing being reverent and folding his arms during prayers.

(Just as a side note--we have only been giving Jack his binky when we want him to be quiet.)

Last night John was putting Jack to bed and they were saying night time prayers. Jack was folding his arms and staring at daddy as he says the prayer. Suddenly John realized that Jack took his binky out and was trying to shove it into his mouth.

I guess it was time for daddy to be quiet.