Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Lily's First Shiner

       Jack has always been our cautious kid, taking care not to get hurt no matter what he's doing. Lily, on the other hand, is wreck-less at best. I don't even think she knows how to be cautious. When we tell her to slow down so she doesn't slip . . . get down so she doesn't fall . . . or look where she's going so she doesn't run into a wall . . . she totally ignores us. Which is why she gets little bumps and bruises pretty much on a daily basis.

       So we're actually surprised that it took her so long to get her first big shiner! This one came yesterday as a result of trying to balance on Jack's Razor Scooter (without it even moving). And then she tipped over and hit her face on the tub. Probably my scariest moment with Lily so far.  This thing IMMEDIATELY swelled up and turned purple and green, but icing it right away seemed to make a huge difference. So Lily and I have spent our fair share of time over the past two days snuggling up and watching Elmo's World while I ice this baby!

        Let's just hope that it's possible she maybe sort of could have learned a lesson from this and will never be wreck-less again.... oh wait that'll never happen!


Going on a field trip with Jack's pre-school today to Chick-fil-a helped cheer her up!

And Jack has been a most helpful and sweet brother to her!

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Wildlife World Zoo

We had a little family outing this past weekend and visited the zoo. John and I totally LOVED this place. And the kids did too...haha. But what was so awesome about this zoo, was that the animals weren't all enclosed in cement houses where we had to look through glass to see them. All of the animal (with the exception of the reptiles and aquarium life), were outside. I guess probably because you don't have the cold weather to protect them from maybe? So the monkeys for example, were actually outside on a nice little island surrounded by water. Apparently they won't get in the water to escape, so it works as a fence! Pretty cool.

And my pictures aren't super great. I just used my phone, and it started getting dark outside.

Walking around with kangaroos. Jack got pretty close to this one!

This Jaguar was posing on his log for all the picture takers.

Cute camel reaching hard to get get an extra snack.

Lily giving the lobster kisses!

Posing with penguins.

Lily thoroughly enjoyed the stingrays.

We love you all and miss you!

Sunday, September 15, 2013

A Wild Ride

       This is kinda long....but I figured some of you back in UT may want to know what's happened since we've been here in AZ. I haven't been too excited to talk about it because it's been stressful. So I decided the best way to tell this story (which I've shorted TREMENDOUSLY), was to just write it. This is largely for my own benefit because somedays I need to be reminded of just how much Heavenly Father loves me . . .

       We've been on an emotional roller coaster since arriving here in AZ. We found a beautiful house that I fell in love with (shouldn't 'ave done that), and we were dragged along hoping, praying, and wishing this house would soon be ours. The thought had never occurred to us that with John being self-employed, getting a larger loan for a home might prove to be an exhaustive feat. I won't bore you with the details of all the ups and downs we've experience through this wild ride, but to make a super long story just semi-long . . .
       We were giving up on the idea of buying a home. About a week ago we considered renting first for a year to prove John indeed would be able to make money here in AZ (since that's been the concern with our lender). But AS we were out looking at homes for rent, we got a phone call saying that we might actually get this loan for the home we wanted. I didn't think for one minute that happened by coincidence . . . so we decided to hold off on the idea of renting.
      We were finally approved for our loan at 7pm on Friday the 13th of this month. We were actually heading out to go celebrate because we knew the phone call was coming... We rejoiced for what must have been the best five minutes ever! We called our agent to inform him of our good news, only to get told that just hours before, the seller got impatient and signed a contract with a new buyer.


      This whole thing has gone on for 6+ weeks and the final outcome came to a matter of HOURS.  At this point we realized something bigger than us, bigger than we could understand was going on. None-the-less we were feeling pretty low at this point. Why did everything happen so perfectly as we were making preparations to leave Utah, but from the moment we got here just getting into a home has seemed near impossible? We grudgingly agreed to start the process over and go out house hunting again with our agent Saturday.
      We looked at three houses started feeling like we'd be settling . . . Then we went to the last house on the list. Our agent told us that this home just got put back on the market because the last deal just fell apart a day ago.
      When we walked into this house, we both realized, it was perfect. When we were getting ready to move we made a list of things we'd both like to have in a house . . . and I can't think of one thing this house doesn't have that we put on that list. It was everything John and I agreed we'd like in a "forever house" down to the last detail.

      Heavenly Father knew what he was doing when he stalled us with that last house. The timing had to be just right so that were would be ready to buy, just as this house was going back on the market. 

      The last two months have been rough, but now I can say it was worth every minute. So excited to start  life in our new home!

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Anniversary, Soccer, and Other Such Happenings

                   We are still in our temporary home right now, waiting to find out about our house. So we've been trying to keep ourselves busy so as not to drive each other crazy in this little house!

John and I celebrated our 6 year anniversary on the 23rd. 
Russ and Vanessa were so nice to take the kids so we could getaway.

 Jack started soccer last week. His cousin Emma is also on his team, which he loves!

Lily doesn't seem to have a problem keeping herself busy...