Sunday, June 19, 2011

A New York Minute

I have to say, I would never raise my kids in a place like this, but it was fun to visit and, of course, see the sites. People acted like they never saw babies ever in their life, they would stop us just to look at the kids (and to take pictures of them occasionally---creepers). I would say everyone should come see this place, it's incredible, it's like a different country.

The place where we stayed was just around the corner literally from Wall Street.

We found this little urban park with a splash pool and sand for Jack to play in and he loved it.

ToysRUs at Times Square: Largest toy store in the world!
Jack was (obviously) in heaven.

Times Square

2nd Avenue Deli

View of the financial sector in Manhattan (view from the empire state building).

The Chrysler Building

Observatory of the Empire State Building.

Ok, this never happens...only when Jack doesn't get a nap. John's arms were killing him by the time we finally got to the observatory.

Federal Hall on Wall Street. This is where George Washington was sworn in as President of the United States!
The new World Trade Center ( I think it's actually getting a different name). It's going to be beautiful.

Staten Island Ferry ride: skyline of the financial sector just behind us.

Statue of Liberty (it wasn't as big as I was expecting---I don't know what I was expecting).

This is what we did everyday--I packed up the kids and we went out and about exploring!

The. Biggest. Rainstorm. EVER! We had to hide under a bridge while we were in Central Park. We didn't get to stay as long as we wanted which was a bit disheartening.
The thunder was so loud I pulled out the video recorder just to capture sound!

Friday, June 3, 2011


While John and I were at Universal Studios, we stopped and had caricatures drawn of us. When I first saw it, I didn't think it resembled us in the slightest bit.
When we got home, I watched Jack pick up the picture, laugh, and then point at John and say "Daddy!" I couldn't believe he could tell who it was and see the humor in it. I pointed at the drawing of myself and asked him who it was and he said "Mama!" I must admit I was a little disappointed to learn that, yes, we must actually look like these freaks in the drawing.