Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Visit to Utah

     We made a quick trip to Utah this month to attend a baby blessing of some of our friends, the Chapmans. Although it was short, we squeezed in a lot of fun things in those few days !

The car ride went really well, which was a relief, particularly for me. We haven't been on a long roadie in awhile, so I figured it'd be a good indicator as to how our long road trip this summer across the United States will go ! Jack got car sick the first hour of the drive, but after that it was smooth sailing !

We split our drive up between two days so we could take the 
scenic route through Zion's National Park.
(We obviously need to get our hands on a Selfie-Stick).

 Jack got Lacy laughing pretty hard in the car at one point when she 
started getting a little sad. 

Hotels are magical. Especially when you realize they have 
just the right cushions to make a human sandwich. 

Jack and Lacy enjoying Saturday Morning cartoons 
(because mom takes forever to get ready).

April Happenings

Here's a few snapshots of what we've been up to this month!

Lacy loves baby's, which is so funny. This is her friend Kylee !
She loves playing with her every tuesday !

We painted the front of our house because it was REALLY sun-bleached. Super fun.

 Lily has been having fun learning. Science is her favorite, she loves exploring.

...Writing is not her favorite. :)

We enjoyed lounging around during General Conference and listening to the prophets and apostles.

 Lacy playing at the park in the swings with her buddy Gwen !

Lacy learned a new trick this month. She's been sitting up all by herself !
Where has the time gone? Wasn't this girl just born a few weeks ago? ;)