Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Old Man John, Happy Birthday!

John's most favorite thing to do on his birthday is to cash-in on as many birthday freebies as possible. So yes, we ate out every meal on this guy's birthday! John wanted me to put a disclaimer on here noting that he did not in fact eat all of this food, he split it with the rest of the family! ... And I would similarly like to note, that we are not normally free loaders, we really can afford to buy our own food. Haha, anywho... This is just what John LOVES doing on his big day. Always has, probably always will! And really, it is a lot of fun. And we love taking pictures, so we've captured it all!




Thursday, May 15, 2014

Dax and Lily

Dax is Lily's little buddy that we get to play with quite a bit. I just love watching these two. They're just adorable together. Most of the time they play so well together (sometimes a little too well). I think we will always consider Mr. Dax, Lily's first love. :) They act like an old married couple. They're usually hugging, kissing, and playing nice... mixed with a little 3-year-old-screaming-in-each-other's-faces (where I come in, haha). We love these two!

Sneaky little buggers . . .  ;)

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Catching Up!

I just realized it's been almost exactly a month since I last blogged about what's been going on with the Sperry fam! So here's my attempt at catching up for the most part on what we've been up to!

Easter with the cousins!

A visit from the Chapman's:
Our trip to the Science Center

Lily practicing relaxing her mind . . . 

Alice Cooperstown Restaurant with the Chapman's
John and I splitting THE UNIT

Feeding ducks at the park (which terrifies Jack and Lily as you can tell )!

Lily and her new friend Quinnie. Their brothers are on the same baseball team. :)

We're very intrigued by the baby in mommy's tummy !

Jack and his new baseball trophy ! 
Great season buddy !

Gifts from my sweet little fam for Mother's Day !

Keeping cool at the splash pad !

Lily doing her favorite thing. . . dressing up !

Having fun with pizza dough at Grimaldi's !

And yes, this would be Jack asleep on the concrete in 100 degree weather. 
A very random moment in his life up to this point. :)

Lily, as Olaf, at her friend Lyla's Frozen party. 

And John and I have been wanting to do this for a long time . . . 
we finally got ourselves a tortoise ! This is Crush. He's a Russian Tortoise and 
we've all just loved having him ! He's the perfect pet for us Arizonans!