Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Jack's Car's Party!

Jack turned two on Saturday and boy did he have a blast! He had a party, went swimming in our little kid pool, had a BBQ with my family, and not to mention THE FIREWORKS! I mean seriously, what a day to have a birthday. The day before is Pioneer Day, so fireworks are legal to light off on his big day! AND this year, Pioneer Day was on a Sunday so a lot of people, including us, were lighting fireworks off on Saturday night. He totally loved it.

Here are some pictures from the party. I have more party details on my craft blog.

Jack wanted everyone's little cupcake topper. He ended up with, like, ten in his cupcake.

Tractor Tipping

I made this little cardboard Lightning McQueen for the kids to sit in.

He was very excited about opening up presents!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Camping with Children

Disclaimer***Don't let these pictures trick you. Beware. Camping with children is a pain in the butt. But that still won't stop me from going! I just can't wait till their older, hopefully it'll be less work. Hopefully. :)

Camping at Jordanelle
with Quincy, Jessica, and Zander

Adventures of our little boys.

And, by "little boys" I actually meant these overgrown kids.

All the boys playing together.

Mmm....messy watermelon.
Hey look honey, I see your sexy legs!

I love this picture. They just look like the best of friends.
(Too bad they were actually fighting over the ball :)

Getting in trouble for throwing sand at each other and in the tents.

Camping up Payson Canyon
with Jenny, Derek, and Ashlyn

Camping with Bumbos is the only way to go.

Jack taking care of his girls.

Ashlyn and Lily loved playing footsie with each other.
Jack, no doubt, brainwashing Ashlyn at an early age to marry him.
Next time, try it with a clean face Jack. It'll go over better.

Mostly :)

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Jack's Itsy Bitsy Spider Makes Lily Laugh

Jack makes Lily laugh with his "itsy bitsy spider." This was just one of those moments I was seriously LUCKY that my video camera was right next to me. Lily has so far only laughed this much this one time...

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Fourth of July Weekend In Island Park, ID

We had a blast up at Island Park this past weekend for the forth of July!

John wake-boarding at Island Park Reservoir.


Dad and Eric.