Sunday, July 27, 2014

Jack's 5th Birthday

This big guy turned 5 this week, and he couldn't be more thrilled about it! He's the youngest of all of his little friends here in Arizona, so this had been a long awaited milestone for Mr. Jack!

Jack loved all of the fun gifts that he got from his friends and family !

His request for the big day was to go bowling and go out for pizza!



Jack had all of his friends over for a Pirate Pool Party!

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Tucson and Tombstone Trip

We decided to take a weekend trip down to Tucson and Tombstone, Arizona 
just to explore and have some fun. Here are some of the fun things we did:

International Wildlife Museum

Tombstone, AZ


(I love Lily's stink-face in this one... must have been sick of mom making her pose).

Tucson Children's Museum

Saguaro National Park
(It's incredibly impressive how large the Saguaros can get)!

Saturday, July 5, 2014

4th of July Celebrations!

We had a blast this 4th of July! I'd say one of the most exciting parts was getting caught in a crazy Haboob at Lake Pleasant. Sadly enough we did end up missing the fireworks because of it, but at least the storm was awesome!!!
When we finally made it to the car after running through the wind and dust, Lily told us that if we shouted "Hooray!" all together that Jesus would take the wind away. She keeps us smiling :)

3rd of July: Lake Pleasant 

Swimming in the lake before the storm.

 Picnic dinner !

4th of July with the Lundquists

Our Patriotic Feast !

The delicious and beautiful cake that Laura made !

Lily and her buddy Dax.

Baseball game and fireworks
(We was so hot and sticky) !