Sunday, January 20, 2013

Christmas Break: Part 1

Christmas Eve:
We had a dinner with Grandpa Sutton at his house and played games. Then we came home and opened our christmas pjs! We were so excited to go to bed and wait for Santa to come!

Santa made it!

Christmas Morning:
We opened our presents and Jack was thrilled that Santa remembered to bring him his remote controlled truck!

 Lily didn't get into the present opening, she had other ideas of what was supposed to happen as soon as one 
wakes in the morning:

She kept saying "eat" while we were opening presents, with such a worried look on her face.

Lily was happy to enjoy her new toys on a full stomach. Especially her new baby crib, or "bus" as she likes to think of it. :)

Glad ALL of my kids had so much fun Christmas morning! 

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Christmas Break Part 2: Disneyland!

The second half of our Christmas Vacation was AMAZING! We got to take the kids to Disneyland for their very first time, and we had more fun than we could ever remember having at Disneyland. So what we ended up doing was one day at Disneyland, and another day at California Adventure. 


On  the Casey Jr. Train

Meeting Mickey!!!

The castle all lit up for winter time!


And the highlight of our visit was most definitely to Cars Land...
Jack was in awe when he got to finally meet Lightning McQueen in person.
He was so real! He talked to everyone, his eyes and eyelids moved, and he drove around Radiator Springs. John and I were both amazed at how real everything was here.

...all Jack wanted to do was stand and watch Lightning taking pictures with people and talking to them. :)

This Cars Land ride was the main attraction at California Adventure. As soon as the gates opened, everyone rushed to this one ride. We were lucky we got there early enough that Jack and John only had to wait 45 minutes in line. The rest of the day it was about a two hour wait and they ran out of Fast Passes! John said it was the coolest ride he'd ever been on... here's just a short clip of one small part of the ride that I could see. John said Mac, Sally, and lots of other characters/things were a part of the ride.

 Meeting Red the Firetruck. Jack is not visible in the picture because he is hiding behind the fence. (I don't think he was expecting Red to be quite so big, because he said he was scary. :)

Heading in to Flo's for lunch.

 Malibu, California
Zuma Beach

Jack and Jaxson (Whitney's nephew)

At the Open House for Whitney and Kyler in Simi Valley, CA.