Wednesday, February 24, 2016

February Fun

We had fun with Valentine's Day!
Lily loved her heart hairstyle.
I got to help out in Jack's classroom with the Valentine's craft.
 Lacy likes to the climb the piano...
it's not mom's favorite thing. 

My cute girl with her big girl hair!

And our Lily just learned to ride her bike without training wheels! 
Last week I took her out to start practicing and was surprised that she had the balance thing down!
Today we went out to learn take-off and braking and I think she's got it down!

Jack had a vocal concert at school. They sang five songs. We absolutely loved it. 
He's on the left in the middle.

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

January at the Sperry's

We've had a (mostly) great start to 2016, and we're excited for all of the up and coming things this year has in store for our family.

Lily started another dance class. This one is actually ballet and tap...and Lily LOVES her tap shoes (that makes one of us). 

Jack is now in basketball with his best friend Jake, and they're both having tons of fun together.

Lacy has been learning new words all the time, and when we tell her to sing us a song she'll hum a little tune for us. It's my favorite. :)

She has also been enjoying exploring the different places in our house where she can get stuck. 

John went above and beyond for this old lady's 30th Golden Birthday. Ghandi may have been assassinated and Hitler may have started his reign of terror on January 30th, but hey, Christian Bale and I were both born!!! That kind of evens that all out, right? This world just wouldn't be the same without Christian Bale as the Batman?!

Yummy crepe breakfast. :)

My favorite part was the limo that showed up at our house to escort us
 to dinner. This took me completely by surprise.

John and I baked a yummy chocolate bundt cake drenched in rich ganache.

And Brayden flew all the way out here when he heard we were making sushi. NBD. ;)

We had one not so great memory from the start of our new year. Lacy ended up with a dislocated radius (Nursemaid's Elbow) and we spent half a day at the hospital getting her checked out. Hopefully she'll be back to it in no time.

These two LOVED waiting in the ER for 4.5 hours. :)

Our cute little buddy in her big fat cast. 

This girl has quite the bed-head when she gets up in the morning.