Friday, February 19, 2010

Our V-Day!

We had an awesome V-day! John and I went on a hot date to a Mexican restaurant that is now one of our favorites. It's called La Cocina and everthing was good--pina coladas, nachos, and the main courses were huge so we ended up eating only a few bites!
I got John some fishing stuff to help his dream to be a pro fisherman come true. I also got him Coach Carter, a movie he loves.Now the best part...
I thought John did such an amazing job putting thought into my present. He went to Michael's (yeah, the craft store) and he got a bunch of these flat wooden hearts and he turned them into coupons I can redeem all year long. It stinks the picture didn't turn out well enough to read what they say, but they're GOOD coupons. Like one free ANYTHING! I'm thinking about asking for a car for that one :) One girls night out, all expenses paid. One week of John doing dishes AND laundry, now that's a good get the point. John is so awesome, I just love him to death.

As for the little man, I made him some little felt car shoes (on my craft blog) and we got him a sweet pair of britches!


  1. We should go fishing together some time! Rhet and I bought two canoes last year and they are a blast to fish from! Plus I think the boys (Kyler and Jack) need to be friends!