Saturday, February 6, 2010

Jack and Emma

So I am way behind on updating this blog but I'll sum everything up...

First, we moved in temporarily with John's brother Russ and our sister-in-law Vanessa. Our little apartment got a bunch of water damage and so it's being worked on right now. It's been awesome hanging out with them pretty much 24/7!

Jack is six months old now and he's doing great (besides this nasty cough that doesn't seem to go away). John and I are very proud of his chubbiness!

John and I are doing great too. Just yesterday we got to go out to La Caille with John's work. It was really fun to go to such a fancy (not to mention ridiculously expensive) restaurant.

Also, Vanessa and I are very proud of our craft blog! We are getting lots of traffic and being featured on other big-wig crafter's blogs. Thanks to everyone who has been following!

And lastly, I took these pictures of Emma, Jack's cousin, and Jack playing together. Anna was asleep and they were just so adorable! I'm really sad I can't get all of them to post, I don't know what's wrong...

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