Friday, December 4, 2009


Christmas and baby shower planning have kept me SUPER busy! It's good to be back and blogging!

John, Jack, and I had our family pictures taken yesterday so we're excited to get them posted up here next week when we get them. We finally figured out the best way to get awesome pictures for cheap! I'm sure you've seen the JC Penny coupons for portraits everywhere, they seriously are everywhere. If you cut out the one that is $3.99 per sheet (4-3.5x5, 2- 5x7, 1-8x10, 8-wallets, ect), you can pick as many poses as you want (and they take a lot) and it turns out super cheap but you get lots of variety! John and I got taken last time we got Jack's pictures, but now we know!

Anyways, here are some recent pictures ...


BYU v. Airforce

Jack dressed up like a construction worker (beautiful work Anna!)

Jack going for a stroll with mommy!

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  1. Finally!!! Updated blog!!! Congratulations!!! I love this family picture idea... I just might have to copy it!