Monday, August 31, 2009

our *nEw* hobby

John and I decided to pick up a new hobby making fondant cakes thanks to our awesome friends Quincy and Jessica! This is the second cake we have made together and it was for a bridal shower that I threw for one of my many beloved Jennys.

We made it pink, white, and black because those are going to be her wedding colors. The pink and white frosting we flavored with coconut extract, and the "black" was more of a super dark brown that we added dark cocoa to for color and flavor. The cocoa made the fondant a little more brittle so it what somewhat difficult to work with. It's rediculous but black food coloring is hard to find! It's ok though, we still had the time of our life!


  1. wow that looks like so much fun and turned out AWESOME!

  2. Love it! :) I bet that fondant tasted SO good!