Monday, August 10, 2009

Grunter and Lamby's Secrets Revealed

This weekend we got to go on an awesome family mountain retreat up at Lamb's Canyon. John's family has a cabin up there so we went for the day to get away. Really, it was like the 2nd worst day of my life because I got fever after fever the whole day and by the time we got back to town I was at this mommy didn't get any cute pictures of Jack for the blog. But, cool cabin.

We ended up staying in Salt Lake so I could get a few super strong antibiotic IV treatments and then we came home Sunday night.

Well, on the way home we stopped in Lehi to visit my mom and sister. My mom was holding Jack and admiring his good looks:) when he started making his usual grunts. Then my mom says, "oh, he sounds like you did when you were this small Nicholette. Oh, that's why I called you 'Lamby' because you sounded like a little baby lamb!"


First of all, the grunts sound like a baby pig and second of all...why did THAT have to come from me...of all things.

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