Tuesday, January 28, 2014

January Stuff

Just looking back at the past few weeks, I've realized we've had a really fun month !

Jack started the new year off learning a new form of artwork :  Graffiti. 
We decided to nip that habit in the bud.
Wouldn't want those chalk sticks turning into spray paint. 
 Cause, ya know. Every little gangster starts somewhere.

I just thought this is so cute . . . Lily playing Wii boxing with Jack. 

MLK Holiday: Hiking the Whitetank Waterfall trail. 
These lil troopers did awesome on their first two mile hike !

(That big rock behind us has petroglyphs from the Hohokams)

Lily started her "We Can Dance TWO" class this month, and she's loving every minute of it !  :)

Jack started a Hip Hop class this month. He gets right in there and bust out the moves !

 Jack has started reading the Bob Books. We're so proud of this awesome little reader !

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