Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Best Valentine's Ever. Fo Shizzle.

We just love any reason to celebrate around here, so we have an awesome time with holidays. And as Jack gets older, the holidays just get more and more exciting. Valentine's was particularly fun this year!

First, Jack started the day off with a nice morning shave.
Can't blame him for wanting to look hot delivering his Valentines!

Jack was excited about the idea of delivering "super" Valentines to his friends and cousins.
All of our homemade Valentines are posted over at my craft blog.

John and I decided to celebrate the season of love by going to the Provo Library Valentine's Ball. It was basically like a prom for adults who want a reason to get all dressed up and go out. It's held upstairs in the reception area.

I hope you all had an amazing time too, this Valentines Day!

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