Saturday, April 23, 2011


Keep in mind, this was only my second time snowboarding in the last three years...and naturally, I'm not so great at getting off the lifts anyway...

So when I was getting all bundled up in my snowboarding getup this morning, I forgot to put the shoulder straps up on my snowboarding pants so they were just hanging freely behind me. I'm on the chairlift, second run of the day, Kyler and John on either side of me. I lean forward to get off the chair lift, but there's a small problem... I can't get off the chair. The next thing I know, I'm suddenly suspended in the air by my britches as the chair lift is still going! One of the shoulder straps of my pants is caught on the back of the chair. I'm yelling stop while laughing (deep, deep down inside), and getting wedgied by my pants as I hang there, the laughing stock at the top of the mountain. Kyler and John sure got a kick outta it. I can only imagine how awesome it looked. Oh yeah. When I finally freed myself and TRIED to get out of the way of the chairlift, I totally biffed it and the chair lift had to be stopped again...of course...I mean...IT'S ME. Geez.

If only getting off the chairlift was this exciting all the time, maybe someone would have filmed it and we would be sitting in the front row at America's Funniest Home Videos RIGHT NOW! It's ok, there's always a next time...and there probably will be with my luck :)

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  1. I wish I could have seen that, it sounds so funny now. I am glad you were not hurt, and had a good laugh at yourself, too bad brother and hubby were the ones to see you, I bet you will hear about this for a long time to come.