Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Lily Love

It may sound cRaZy!...But I just love having two little ones to take care of...

My Lily and Jack are the best two kids in the world, in my opinion ;)


  1. oh! I love the pics of Jack and Lily!! Lilys flower in her hair and the look she has on her face reminds me of your newborn pic!! did you find it? Jack is definately a little gentleman!!
    Love Grammy Cindy

  2. Oh congrats! Lily is beautiful. :)

  3. Quincy is going to ban me from looking at your pictures...I want a baby girl even more now that she's here! She is so sweet!! Quincy made me promise that when we see her on Saturday that I won't come home and beg him to have another baby, but I just can't make that promise! :)