Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Anniversary Numero Tres

Here we are again celebrating yet another year of marriage! John and I took a break to celebrate in Heber, Midway, and Park City while my family watched Jack!

Here are some of the things we got to do:

-We visited Midway and went through the shops and saw this awesome war memorial on a hill.

-Swim in the Homestead Crater!

-We ate at the Hub in Heber (and also Dairy Keen but the Hub is much much better).

We stayed at the Holiday Inn in Heber. We also had a successful day of shopping at the Park City Outlets--nothing is better than that. Oh yeah, and John got pulled over again, and got out of another ticket....AGAIN. Crazy kid.

When we got back home we made chocolate covered strawberries that were delish!

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