Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The Tragic Tales of Nicholette's Phones

So as I was sitting pondering memories with my past cell phones, I realized that I have ALWAYS had the worst luck with phones! Not only is this going to reveal how incredible STUPID and absent minded I can be, but some of you may deny that you know me forever...

Let's start with my first phone...I think I had the best luck with that one, it lasted a year and then I wanted a color screen (could you blame me?)
So I traded it in for this beaut...

...which unfortunately was short lived. I was at work as a Merry Maid in Boise and I was talking with one hand, and scrubbing a bathroom floor with my other hand. Afterwards, I must have thought it was the sponge because after a frantic hunt to find my phone, it soon came flying out of the bucket with the mop water into the toilet. Great.

So then I can't remember what I got to replace it but a few more phones came and gone and then I got a hot pink motorola razor...ooo I loved that phone, I think it was my favorite (but don't tell the others).

It looked something like this...

We had some good times, which included a night at the International Cinema on BYU Campus where I saw Supersize Me for the first time... It was there that Old Pinkie was stolen by a Laotian He-She (I don't know if it was a guy or a girl). And that He-She racked up my phone bill to $4k which I almost had to pay before John ripped the T-mobile people a new one. So that was fun.

Then there was the greener, thinner version of Old Pinkie...
I can't seem to remember what I did to that one, but I'm sure it was very sad. I do remember every two seconds it screamed "I'm dying" which was annoying and the screen wouldn't dim. (I did drop it a lot when I was biking--that may have something to do with it). Couldn't go anywhere without my charger.

And then it was back to Nokia... fiftly three somethin'...

She only lasted about a month, probably not even that and then I left it in my pants pockets after attempting to exercise and I washed it with a load of whites. Bummer.

So after that I hopped on craigslist and bought a cool slider phone from this girl who turned out to be a criminal...

not really but she lied to me and said there was nothing wrong with the phone and I found out the ringer and speakerphone wouldn't work. I paid $50 for that hunk-a-junk! But it's ok because that one just got washed with my sheets yesterday!

And now I'm phoneless.
Maybe I should stick with a landline...with a cord.


  1. Oh nicholette I do I ever love you so my dear!! I will still love you thorough all your mindless cares and forgetful moments