Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The Showa' Powa'!

(Jenny M., Me, Jessica, Jenny L. Kischel, Amelia)
We had too much fun at Jack's shower... and we loaded up on all of the things we need to start the transition into parenthood, thanks to everyone who came or mailed us things.
The theme at the shower was Pirates (as you can see by the creepy baby Jack Sparrow in the background). Vanessa and Jeanne did the planning and they did an awesome job. My mom made the cutest pirate cakes (pic below), and Kischel did the decorations!
We're all too excited for this next chapter of our lives...
(Mom, me, Shelly, Verla, Jeanette,
Vanessa, Joy, Jeanne)

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  1. A fun time was had by all!!! Can't wait for Jack's arrival now!