Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The Pregnant Adventures of Nicholette and John

John and I continued our pregnant adventures this month by flying to the other side of the country to visit the east coast, a place neither of us had experienced. We flew to Washington D.C. and stayed with our friends Boy (Jordan) and Anali (and kind of Corbin because he practically lives at their apartment). The above picture is of John loving his fat in front of the birthplace of The Great Bambino, the greatest baseball player to have ever lived, Babe Ruth.
While exploring Baltimore with our bud Corbin, we strolled through the Little Italy section of town and got some delicious authentic italian cuisine.
Boy, Corbin and John in front of the Lincoln Memorial.

Corbin passed out (with an empty bottle of Jack Daniels that we conveniently found) in front of the house of Edgar Allen Poe.

John and I in front of an awesome mural in the heart of Baltimore.

John standing in amazement in front of the Lincoln Memorial.

Anali and I waiting to get into the National Archives to see the Declaration of Independance, the Constitution, and a bunch of other important stuff.
The Capital building.
Our friggin bling souvenirs.
The Air and Space Smithsonian
Us in front of the Capital Building.

After going through all of the Smithsonian Museums, we thought it a good idea to go see the new Night at the Museum movie since it is about the Smithsonian. It was fun to see a bunch of the things from the ABLE the space monkey!!! That concludes our travels for May, we've gotten lots of adventures in before the baby and we're still hoping for more!!

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