Saturday, March 28, 2009

I never thoughtI would be married and starting a family at age 23. I always thought of my career and fun first, then kids. Now that I am pregnant, I'm just so thrilled to be a mom. I didn't think I would get to this point for another few years in life when I actually started feeling "old." I may seem young to start a family, but I wouldn't trade our decision to have this little boy for anything else in the world. I think anyone's heart could change when you have the two cutest nieces in the world! Pregnancy has come very easy for me so having a big family, which John and I want, shouldn't be overbearing (for me at least). I can't wait to be a mom and share the love that John and I have in our family with a few more precious souls. We're thrilled for little Jack to come into our lives forever this July!

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  1. I'm your first commment!!! Woohoo!!! Welcome to the blogging world, it's addictive. I love it! So Jack it is, huh? yeay!! I'm excited to keep track of your blog! Hugs, see you this weekend!